Dale Zheutlin

Folded mono primnts, unprimed canvas

Artist Statement

Color is the language of my work. Color, when structured, becomes powerful, embracing and seductive. My work, with little or no discernible forms, communicates emotions and provides the viewer access to the abstract.

Travel through vibrant Italy, the intriguing desert landscapes of Namibia, and the multihued traditional vistas of Kyoto, Japan, are the source material of my most recent work. Visions and experiences of these locations provide my palettes. With handmade paper, panel, or photo-collages as substrate, I create.

Artist Bio

Folded mono prints, unprimed canvas incorporated with smoke fired porcelain forms, colorfully stained and glazed ceramic slabs stacked and angled, were just some of the innovative, creative, and experimental techniques that launched Dale Zheutlin into the international art world.

Dale Zheutlin earned a MFA from Columbia University as a painter and print maker. From the very beginning color and lines were the foundation of her large abstract paintings. Taking architectural courses at the Rhode Island School of Design while earning a BFA, impressed on Dale the necessity for a strong structure in her abstract work. Canvas and prints morphed into a total absorption with ceramics.

The clay, her canvas, added another dimension, the ability to carve into the painted surface. The work started small and grew. Two foot square, three dimensional wall hung pieces expanded until some of her site specific installations covered New York skyscraper lobby walls and weighed upwards of a ton. She never strayed far from her roots as an abstract painter. Stains and glazes replaced paints, and carved lines, revealing the white porcelain substrate, emboldened the surface.

Always the risk taker and inspired by new technology, Dale, once again, combined media, never leaving: abstraction, color, and structure. With the aid of digital photography, computer manipulation of the images and acrylic paints she is breaking new ground. A recognizable form, over painted, produces a composition creating tension between form and abstraction. Color and line unify her art, and harmony ensues. Each viewing reveals layers which invite further explorations. Her art has been exhibited internationally and is in museums, corporate and private collections, throughout the United States.


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